Parution: White Power Music – Scenes of Extreme-Right Cultural Resistance

Written by established and emerging researchers on the far right, the second volume in the Mapping the Far Right book series presents new analysis of the shifting phenomenon of White Power music. It offers a timely overview of how White Power music helps preserve ultranationalist and racist narratives, recruit young people to the extreme-right political cause, and eventually encourages violence against the alleged ‘enemies’ and ‘traitors’ of the ‘White Race’.

To map this diverse culture, the volume focuses on national case studies ranging from the West to the East, as well as discussing particular topics such as the role of women in White Power music, censorship and the legacy of the late Ian Stuart Donaldson, founder of the Blood and Honour promotion network and a major figure in the extreme-right music scene.

Contents : Anton Shekhovtsov: Introduction | Chiara Pierobon: Rechtsrock: White Power Music in Germany | Nicolas Lebourg, Dominique Sistach: The Role of Underground Music in the Renewal of the French Radical Right-Wing | David Lagerlöf: The Rise and Fall of White Power Music in Sweden | Sofia Tipaldou: Rock for the Motherland: White Power Music Scene in Greece | Áron Szele: Nationalism, Racism, Internationalism: The White Power Music Scene in Hungary and Romania | Miroslav Mareš, Josef Smolík: White Power Music and Interconnected Issues in the Czech Republic, 1999-2011 | Paul Jackson: ‘The Hooked-Cross, The Symbol of Re-Awakening Life’: The Memory of Ian Stuart Donaldson | Emily Turner-Graham: ‘Resistance Never Looked So Good’: Women in White Power Music | Kirsten Dyck: ‘Call That Justice’: White Power Music and Censorship in the Information Age | Paul Jackson: Conclusions.

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